Second Quarter Book Report

Grade 6


Please read a fantasy or science fiction book.

When you are done reading your book, please complete the assignment below and hand it to your homeroom teacher by January 22, 2007.

Please write and then type your book report including the following information:

1.    Title
2.    Author
3.    Number of Pages
4.    Setting-Where does the story take place?
5.    Characters - main character/s and a little bit about what they are like.
6.    Conflict - what is the problem/s in the story?
7.    Solution - how is the conflict resolved? (How is the problem solved?)
8.    Choose one of the characters in the story and tell me how he/she changed and/or     
       developed throughout the story.
9.    Are there any characters in the story that remind you of people in your own life? Tell us
10.  Were you surprised at how the story ended? Why? Why not?
11.  Would you recommend this book? Why or why not?

You will be graded on the following: