The Guidance Staff welcomes you to contact us at any time
                                                    by calling 638-9329 

Clark Foundation Application

Student DMV Test Station:

Who to Contact...

Mrs. Kristen Shearer Guidance Director, 8-12 Counselor
Mr. Dane Carpenter CSE Chair, School Psychologist
Mr. James Benjamin K- 7, Elementary Counselor
Mrs. Shelley Ashley DSS School Social Worker
Mrs. Kathy Fredette Secretary


Helpful Links...

Family Resources: Student Resources:
No Child Left Behind Act.
Information on the act and how it impacts your College information and tools to help students and
child's education. parents transition from high school to college.
The Anti-Drug New York Times Learning Network
Resources and tips on raising drug-free kids. Coverage of internation & national issues in a way
students & geachers understand.
Drug-Free America PBS Kids
A thorough listing of anti-drug information sites An interactive site for children to find out more
that can serve as valuable resources. about their favorite PBS television characters.
ACT Testing HESC
Information for families about ACT tests. Higher Educational Services - Student Aid