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One Smile A Day Project

The "Caught You Being Good" program is off to a great start. This program was launched the second week of school by elementary counselor, Mr. Benjamin, but it involves every adult in our school who has contact with elementary students. Here's a quick synopsis of how it works: Teachers and staff have been given coupons to hand out to any student seen doing a good deed. The good deeds and the students' names are written on the coupon and each one is placed in a box in the main office. At our monthly recognition assembly all the coupons are read and one student will win a special prize. This is just one way to not only involve our whole staff in recognizing good behavior but it also helps to allow students to realize that we do not solely focus on punishing bad behavior. We want to show we also recognize all the good behavior going on daily at our school. The program is certainly catching on!


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