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To contact the attendance officer call (607) 638 5831.


Arrival at School

The doors open at 7:45 a.m. Students must come into the building and report to their designated areas.  7-12 students may eat breakfast from 7:45-8:09 and K-6 from 7:45-8:15.  Students may not leave campus or stay in their cars in the parking lot. 

Pre-K-1 report to hall downstairs; Grades 2-4 sit in hall outside classroom; Grades 5-12 report to cafetorium.

Student Dismissal Precautions

No students will be dismissed early from school unless they have written permission from their parents, which has previously been submitted, to the Attendance Office.  All students leaving the building before regular dismissal time must sign out in the Main Office.  Parents wishing to have their children take a different bus to or from school must submit written permission ahead of time to the Main Office.  Students should not wait until the end of the day to call home for permission.  Only for emergencies, extenuating circumstances will verbal permission be allowed.

Parents or guardians may submit a list of individuals authorized to obtain the release of their children from school.  No students may be released to the custody of any individual who is not the parent or guardian of the student, unless the individual’s name appears upon the list.  A parent or guardian may amend a list submitted pursuant to this regulation at any time, in writing, with a signature of the parent or guardian.  Certified copies of any court orders or divorce decrees provided by the custodial parent, which restrict a parent’s ability to seek the release of his/her child shall be maintained in District offices.

In the event of an emergency, the Superintendent or Principal may release a student to some individual not appearing on the approved list only if the parent has been contacted by the Superintendent or Principal and has approved the release, and the Superintendent or Principal determines that an emergency exists.

At dismissal, bus riders need to load the buses and not leave campus prior to loading the bus.

Visitors to School

All visitors to the school must sign-in at the Main Office and receive a Visitor’s Pass. The pass must be returned to the Main Office at the end of the visit.  Visitors are required to sign-out before leaving the building.

Parents dropping children off at school in the morning are asked to please escort them to the main entrance only.  Do not escort them to their classrooms.  If there are special situations or needs, please speak with the Building Principal.

Parents picking their children up at the end of the day are asked to meet them outside the school building where classes are dismissed.  Please do not park directly in front of the building as this blocks the area where the buses park.

Parents picking up their children during the day due to illness, appointments or any other situations are asked to sign the child out in the Attendance Office before leaving the building.

Parents are encouraged to speak with their child’s teachers regarding their concerns, issues or to get answers to questions.  The best way to accomplish this is to schedule a meeting with the teacher at a time that is convenient for both parties.

Students arriving to school before 7:45 AM will not be allowed past the Main Office Lobby.

Club leaders need to establish designated meeting areas for members of their Organizations.  Designated meeting areas must not interfere with classroom instruction or obstruct the flow of traffic at dismissal time.  Club leaders who are not employees of the district must sign-in and out at the Main Office when picking up members of their clubs.

Parents of Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students will be allowed to drop their children off at their classrooms for the first two weeks of school.  After that, parents are asked to escort their children to the main lobby only.  This will help both parents and child with easing any separation issues.

Permission to visit school will not normally be given out to pre-school or school age children, unless they have a specific educational reason and prior approval of the Building Principal. Visitors to students during noon hour will not be allowed.

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