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     Together teachers and parents can help children become successful readers.  In school, children get their reading instruction through several reading activities throughout the day.  At home they should read books that are on their reading level independently.  One of the ways they receive reading instruction in school is when they are with their Guided Reading Group.  In Guided Reading, the teacher guides a small group of students in reading carefully chosen texts in order to build independence in fluency, comprehension, and decoding strategies. The teacher regularly observes and assesses students' changing needs, and adjusts groupings accordingly. Guided reading allows a teacher to provide different levels of support, depending on the needs of the students.  The materials that are used become increasingly challenging and are based on the Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Book A-Z List (2006).  There have been two suggested reading lists developed for students to use as a guide for selecting books that are at their current reading level for reading independently in school and at home.  One list is levels A-M, Kindergarten through Grade 2.  The second list is for reading levels N-Z, grades 3-5.  The title of the book is in the left side of the list and the author is on the right.  Many of these books are in our school library and can also be found in local libraries.  If you have any difficulty locating any of these titles please feel free to contact the school.


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