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Lab: Change Over Time
Name ____________________________ Date __________ Per. _______ RES:9 Lab: Change Over Time

Report Sheet

Major portion of the environment to be investigated:

Specific variable chosen for investigation:

Outline of my investigation procedure:

List of equipment needed:

Frequency of observation:

Location at which observations will be made:

Reasons for choice of location:

Data table and graph:


Lab Questions:

1. How did you first become aware of the change that you decided to investigate?

2. In general, how is a rate of change measured? What is the rate of change for your chosen variable?

3. Does this change appear to be cyclic or non-cyclic? Give reasons and observations that support this interpretation.

4. What predictions can you make about the future changes that this variable will undergo?

5. What appears to be the cause of the observed changes?

6. What evidence was there of energy transfer that was related to the changes?

7. In what ways, if any, do the activities of humans influence the natural course of the change? Explain.

Major portion of the environment to be in vestigated.

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