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Updated: 11/22/10

School Supplies for 2010-2011

ES:6-Three ring binder (green), paper (10-20 sheets), pencils, pens  

RES:9-Three ring binder (2+ inches), paper (20-30 sheets), pencils, pens

ES:6- We have started Unit 2 - Astronomy.  We have completed the sections on the Sun and the Planets.  Next, we will be concentrating on the possiblity of space travel to Mars.  The students will be working in groups on the "Mars Project" in class.  (There is a quiz every Friday.  Students should be studying every night.)

RES:9-Topic III - Earth in the Universe Exam is Wed. 11/17.  The students have picked a constellation to research.  The constella tion project is due Wed. Dec. 22nd.  We will being Topic IV-Motions of Earth, Moon and Sun on Monday Nov. 22nd.

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