Wilber Park

Wilber Park is a fun place to go...

    It has a pool, and trails to go hiking. There is a picnic pavilion and a park. There is also a pool. 

      When CROP went there we had a great time. We learned about summer safety. There were 4 main  things we learned about summer safety. They are:

     1)picnic safety

     2)electrical safety

     3)biking safety 

     4)sun safety


Picnic Safety was about how to get ready for a picnic. They taught us how to make our picnic fun, but safe. At the end we made trail mix. It was a lot of fun!

Electrical Safety taught us  how to protect ourselves. We got to see what would happen if we got shocked by electric wire: we would get fried!

Biking safety was how to ride a bike correctly. They taught us how to wear a helmet the correct way. They also raffled off two helmets. Two boys won them.

Sun Safety taught us that tans are not good for your skin. They told us that sunscreen is best when its the cheaper brands. They also taught that the clothes we wear are very important.

crop teaches us very educational information!    

(Made with care by the CROP summer students)